Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great News! Experimental Literature Book Club books now ready for pick up!

Great news! The Friends of the Library have generously agreed to sponsor the Experimental Literature Book Club. That means copies of books will be specifically reserved for our book club and can be picked up at the Main Library Return Desk. Just ask for the Experimental Literature Book Club book. Books will have a special due date and won't have to returned or renewed until the after meeting said book is discussed. The next meeting's book should be available the evening we discuss our current book; e.g., the evening we discuss Pale Fire (Sept. 18th) you can pick up a copy of The Watchmen which you won't have return or renew on until after our discussion Nov. 20.

Copies are limited and will be available in first come first serve basis. You can always call the Library (862-5400, ask for the Main Library Return Desk) or call me (862-5853, ask for Bryan) to check if any copies are still available.

Of course there is kind of a catch. Two of our titles are not available from the vendor that library uses to purchase books. That means we're on our own with those two titles. Which titles: Labyrinths by Jorge Borges and Bearheart by Gerald Vizenor. Labyrinths is in print and can be acquired quite easily due to Borges' popularity and if I pull the library's copies I can make a very limited number available. Bearheart is also in print but in far smaller numbers, and library owns no copies. Bearheart may have to be purchased from used book sellers. I can help folks track down copies if need be.

Huge thanks to the Friends of the Library, the Technical Services department, and the Circulation department.

We'll meet to discuss Pale Fire on Sept. 18th at 6pm in Conference Room 3 at the Main Library.

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