Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ex-Lit Book Club: some thoughts about Illuminatus!

- Does this book have a political agenda? If so, what is that agenda?

- Does this book have a protagonist? Who, if anyone, are we supposed to root for?

- Conspiracy theories are an integral part of the plot. What role do conspiracy theories play in our culture, in our history? Is their influence positive or negative?

- Another plot premise is that minds can be altered (reprogrammed) with or without the knowledge the subject. Is this true? Do the government, or corporations, or any other body for that matter try to unconsciously alter our minds? Can someone be driven insane against their will, or be convinced to commit a crime against there will?

- What is the role of religion within the book?

- Can you think of any historical or fictional models that Hagbard Celine might be based on?

We'll be meeting to discuss this book discuss this book SATURDAY July 18th at the Main Library in Conference Rm 3 at 11am. Feel free to bring food and drink. This will be our first meeting on Saturday. I'm sure it will be a fun one.

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