Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some thoughts about If on a winter's night a traveler

- What were Calvino's intentions when writing this book? Why not just write a series of essays about reading and writing? Why not just write several beginnings of novels as a collection of short stories without the Reader and the Other Reader tying them together?

- The notion of an Other Reader seems intrinsic to the concept of book clubs. Why do you come to a book club? What do you get out of it?

- If you found out a book you loved was actually written by a counterfeit author or a computer program would it matter to you?

- In many ways If on a winter's night... is a homage to reading. Do you have any rituals when you read? Places you love to read in / at? Conditions that have to met: certain light, certain time of day?

- Kindle?

Come discuss this book Saturday November 21st at the Main Library in Conference Rm 2 (a one time change) at 11am. Feel free to bring food and drink.

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