Friday, January 14, 2011

Some thoughts about Acme Novelty Library

- By satirizing comics collectors like "Rusty Brown" and "Chalky White" is Ware biting the hand that feeds?

- Does this book have a protagonist? Did you relate to any of the characters?

- Why design a book that is intentionally, physically, difficult to read?

- If you are familiar with the work of R.Crumb, how is Ware's work similar? How is it different?

- A lot of the story lines and fake ads are very dark satire. What is the point Ware is trying to make? Who or what is he satirizing?

In May of 2010, Ware was commissioned by Fortune Magazine to do a cover for their "Fortune 500" issue. Fortune rejected his cover but you can see it here.

Come discuss The Acme Novelty Library Saturday January 15th at the Main Library in the 3rd Floor Program Room at 11am. Feel free to bring food and drink.

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